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Samsung rumored to drop earbuds and charger from next phone after mocking Apple


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But for how much longer?
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Samsung immediately mocked Apple when the company elected not to include EarPods and a charger with the iPhone 12. So of course rumors now suggest Samsung may follow suit by ditching a charger and earphones from its forthcoming Galaxy S21 box.

Samsung has not confirmed that this will be the case. But according to SamMobile, some observers think Samsung will leave out a charger and earbuds from its new handset. Others think Samsung might get rid of only the earphones.

Apple said it would exclude EarPods and the charger from iPhone boxes when it announced the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro handsets last month. Apple claims it is doing this for environmental reasons.

According to Apple, not shipping these components with iPhones is equivalent to removing 450,000 cars from the road every year. That’s because not packaging these accessories with iPhones lets Apple use smaller boxes, thereby making them easier and lighter to ship in bulk. (It’s not just the iPhone 12 devices, either. Apple is extending this new box design to previous iPhones.)

There is a good business case for Apple’s decision as well. Removing these components from boxes could help drive purchases of the accessories — including pushing people yet to take the leap toward buying Apple’s wireless AirPods.

Nonetheless, Samsung was quick to mock Apple’s decision. In a Facebook post soon after Apple’s announcement, Samsung posted a picture of its charger with the caption “Included with your Galaxy.” To date, the cheap dig has earned it 122,000 likes.

This wouldn’t be the first time Samsung has taken a pop at Apple, only to later copy Cupertino’s move. Back in 2016, Apple ditched the headphone jack for its new iPhone. Samsung quickly launched a commercial to make fun of the decision. When it omitted the headphone jack itself a few years later, Samsung deleted the ad to cover its tracks.

Source: SamMobile