Take a meditative walk through a hand-drawn world in The Collage Atlas on Apple Arcade


‘The Collage Atlas’ debuted Friday on Apple Arcade.
The Collage Atlas takes players on a hand-drawn, first-person journey through a picture book.
Photo: John William Evelyn

The Collage Atlas could be a temporary escape from 2020. It’s “a journey through an entirely hand-drawn picture-book dream-world,” according to the creator of the game, John William Evelyn.

This title launched Friday on Apple Arcade, and is available for a range of devices.

The Collage Atlas is more of a dream than an adventure

As players walk through The Collage Atlas, the world transforms around them. “Your presence matters, your gaze matters, your movements matter,” says Evelyn. “Through your efforts, forests will grow, flowers will bloom, structures will rise… and air ships will fly.“

The appearance is unique. Everything was originally crafted with pen and ink on paper. From the flowers to the floating islands. This game is classified as an adventure, but the developer instead calls it “a journey exploring agency, memory, and hope.“ There’s a dreamy soundtrack to match.

For a better sense of Evelyn’s creation, watch the launch trailer.

Get it now with Apple Arcade

The Collage Atlas is available now. It can be played on Mac, iPhone, iPad or Apple TV. External game controllers are supported.

The title is currently exclusive to Apple Arcade. The gaming service costs $4.99 per month, but also includes almost 140 other titles. And there are no hidden fees, as in-app purchases, ads and loot boxes are banned.

Fans of this game might also try The Lullaby of Life. Or Creaks offers a similar hand-painted world.

Via: John William Evelyn