Apple Arcade’s trippy The Lullaby of Life offers relaxation and adventure

Apple Arcade’s trippy new The Lullaby of Life merges relaxation with adventure


The Lullaby of Life
The Lullaby of Life colorfully combines creation with music.
Photo: 1 Single Game

So many games are about fighting and killing. But the goal of The Lullaby of Life is bringing life to an inert universe. The colorful and musical game, which debuted Friday on Apple Arcade, combines relaxation with puzzle solving.

Play along to The Lullaby of Life

“In The Lullaby of Life, you are the catalyst for change in a universal currently inert but filled with potential,” according to 1 Single Game, the developer. The goal is to help this universe “reach its maximum splendor using the power of music to make life bloom.”

Music is a big part of the experience, and the developers highly recommend wearing headphones while playing.

It’s a single-person game. There are versions for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

Now on Apple Arcade

The Lullaby of Life can be downloaded now from the App Store, but it’s only available to Apple Arcade subscribers. It joins over 100 other games, all for $4.99 a month. There are no other costs, as Apple bans in-app purchases, ads and loot boxes.

Other recent additions are much less cheery. Apple brings in new titles to this subscription service most Fridays, and last week launched Necrobarista, which serves up “death, coffee and feelings.” Before that was Beyond a Steel Sky, a cyberpunk-themed puzzler.