Faster Apple TV hardware might not arrive before 2021


Expect a significant Apple TV hardware update in 2021.
A significantly better Apple TV is in development. But it won‘t be out in November.
Photo: Apple

A rumored Apple TV with more of a focus on gaming allegedly won’t be out before the end of 2020. It’ll be a significant upgrade, with new features beyond a performance bump.

But it’s probably not on the list of devices to expect at an anticipated Apple November product launch event.

Jon Prosser, a noted leaker of Apple inside info, said via Twitter that, “There is no new Apple TV coming until next year.” He reiterated in a follow up post that, “it’s not even on the schedule this year.”

To be clear, previous rumors also pointed to a release in 2021. Prosser’s prediction came in response to questions about whether the debut of this set top box had been moved up.

An Apple TV made for Apple Arcade

Unnamed sources told Bloomberg in September that an Apple TV with a processor upgrade “for improved gaming” is in development. The current version runs on an Apple A10X processor from 2017. That’s powerful enough to handle video streaming, but the set top box can do more than that. A faster chip would allow this device to better handle the array of games from Apple Arcade.

These rumors have been circulating for over year, though. Previously, the newer processor was said to be an A12. It’s possible that the chip has since been upgraded to the new A14.

In addition, the remote for the upcoming Apple TV supposedly support the “Find My” system, which will allow users to search for the gizmo with their iPhone. If true, this will likely use the same hardware as AirTags.