Nike offers $75 of freebies to new Apple Card users


Open an Apple Card account in the next month and you can get $75 back from Nike.
Screenshot: Apple

Nike offers a bonus for new users of Apple’s credit card. Sign up for an Apple Card, buy $75 or more from Nike in the first 30 days, and get $75 in Daily Cash.

Plus, Nike offers unlimited 3% back at Nike when Apple Card with Apple Pay is used.

Signup bonuses for new customers of rival credit cards are common. But they’re somewhat rare for Apple.

Big Nike benefit for new Apple Card holders

The offer on Apple’s website reads “Get $75 with a new Apple Card when you spend $75+ with Apple Pay at, in Nike Apps, or at Nike stores within your first 30 days.”

With shoes starting at $110 and going up from there, it shouldn’t be challenging to spend that much on the website of this clothing-maker. And there’s more than footwear. As noted, purchases can be made in the Nike app.

The $75 is Daily Cash, which will go into the user’s Apple Cash account only after the required amount of purchases have been made. It can be used to make other purchases, or transferred to the user’s bank account.

Pesky terms and conditions

The Apple credit card account must be opened by November 15, 2020, giving potential customers a month to qualify and sign up for this credit card. And this is only for new customers — the account must opened after October 14, 2020.

Purchases from Nike have to be made in the first 30 days after opening the account. Buying then returning items won’t count toward the total. And Nike-branded stores outside the U.S. are excluded.

Apple Card benefits for all holders

The clothing-maker is one of many companies that offer all Apple credit card holders 3% Daily Cash back on purchases. Drug store chain Walgreens and restaurant chain Panera are others. Typical purchases earn 1% cash back.

Apple Card is a collaboration between the Mac-maker and Goldman Sachs. It’s made of titanium, and Apple suggests customers use it where its contactless-payment system Apple Pay isn’t accepted.