Catchy toe-tapper sets Tuesday's iPhone 12 event to music | Cult of Mac

Catchy toe-tapper sets Tuesday’s iPhone 12 event to music


Lisa Jackson
Yesterday's keynote reimagined as a pop hit.
Photo: Apple

Musician Jonathan Mann’s got more stickability than the new MagSage connector on the iPhone 12. Since gaining the attention of Apple fans with a song about Apple’s Antennagate PR disaster that even made Steve Jobs dance, Mann unleashes a new Apple-themed song every time the company does a media event.

His latest (mildly NSFW) song, “Does this iPhone have 5G,” sets to music some of the social media reactions to Apple’s Tuesday product showcase. Check it out.

Some of Mann’s previous toe-tappers include his “Duet With Siri,” “Autocomplete Song” and “I Am Pressing the Spacebar and Nothing Is Happening.” He also hosts a podcast called As It Happens: Song A Day on Apple Podcasts.

As ways go to relive yesterday’s Apple keynote, this is a lot of fun. Despite the fact that no-one can physically attend Apple’s product unveilings right now, there’s no shortage of chatter around them — as the social media zingers Mann quotes for his song attest. Yesterday’s event, for those who didn’t tune in, featured Apple’s four new iPhone 12 models and the HomePod mini.

There’s one more Apple event for the year, rumored to take place next month. So hopefully Jonathan Mann’s already got some ideas for a follow-up to this latest number.