Apple TV app could soon be available on PlayStation and Xbox consoles


Your PlayStation will be able to double up as an Apple TV+ viewer.
Photo: Sony

Since the days of the PlayStation 2’s in-built DVD player, for many people their games console has been the primary media hub for their TV. Despite this, Apple TV+ is not currently available on the top games platforms.

That may soon change, according to reports that claim that Apple is supposedly working with Microsoft and Sony to introduce its Apple TV app to Xbox and PlayStation.

Alongside Apple TV+ shows, the Apple TV app lets users watch iTunes movies and TV shows, alongside additional content.

This wouldn’t be the first time Apple has made its Apple TV app available on third-party hardware. Far from it, in fact. The app is currently available on LG and Samsung smart TVs, Amazon Fire TV devices, and Roku, alongside Apple’s own Apple TV, Mac and iOS/iPadOS products.

But bringing it to consoles would be big news. Over its lifetime, Microsoft has sold upward of 45.8 million Xbox One consoles. Sony, for its part, has sold upward of 106 million PlayStation 4 units. With next-gen consoles on the way, there’s likely to be another massive surge of interest.

Apple has yet to reveal subscription numbers for Apple TV+. It launched the service in November 2019, and recently picked up its first Emmy for flagship series The Morning Show. It is also seemingly pivoting toward original movies — including titles by big name directors like Martin Scorsese, the Russo brothers, and Sofia Coppola.

Of course, not everyone with a PlayStation or Xbox One is going to sign up to Apple TV+. Nonetheless, if this could add even a few percentage points of overall console owners it would be a win for Apple.

Just as compellingly, 9to5Mac reports that HomeKit support could be on the way for the consoles in question. That could be exciting news for anyone wanting to squeeze additional smart home hub capabilities out of their games consoles. Perhaps Apple will have news to reveal about some of this at its rumored October 13 iPhone event.

Via: Windows Central and 9to5Mac