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When you want a desk done well, build it yourself [Setups]


MacBook Pro Setup
That's how you build a desk on a budget.
Photo: @alexknollphoto

Alex Knoll is a professional photographer with some serious carpentry skills. When he couldn’t find a desk he liked that matched his budget, he decided to just build one himself. He sketched a plan on his iPad with the Procreate app and bought himself a few long slabs of pine and got to work. With a set of $100 table legs he bought from TableLegs.com, the total cost of the materials came out to roughly $300.

Running his rig is a 2017 15-inch MacBook Pro. He hides it inside the center slot of his desk. He attaches it to a Samsung 27-inch Curved Monitor. The Dell WD15 Monitor Dock consolidates all of his dongles into just one cable. A dock is practically a necessity for modern cable management.

For peripherals, he went with El Clásico, an Apple Magic Keyboard and Mouse. He also has an Amazon Echo 5 Smart Display right by his side so he can control his smart house or have Alexa tell him fun facts or horrible jokes.

For audio he either uses the internal speakers of his Samsung monitor or the Beats Solo3 Studio Headphones.

Above his desk he has two shelves he also built himself. On them he proudly displays his camera collection. His pride and joy being a Leica M6 Classic 35mm Rangefinder Film Camera — a classic!

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Via: @alexknollphoto

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