Concept video shows just how tiny iPhone 12 might be

Concept video shows just how tiny iPhone 12 might be


The 5.4-inch version of Apple 2020 handset could be the ‘iPhone 12 mini.’
Take a sneak peak at the 5.4-inch version of the 2020 iPhone 12.
Concept: the Hacker 34

Apple is supposedly prepping an iPhone with a screen that’s just 5.4 inches. A concept artist created a video that effectively demonstrates exactly how small that “iPhone 12 mini” will be.

Watch it now to see the rumored handset absolutely dwarfed by a 2020 iPhone SE.

The video is the creation of the Hacker 34. They base their designs on rumors about upcoming Apple products, and thus stay grounded in what’s possible. Even back in January, they were able to make a short concept film with a larger version of the 2020 iPhone that’s still close to what Apple is considered likely to introduce.

Truly an ‘iPhone 12 mini’

The small size caused this concept artist to predict that Apple will dub it the iPhone 12 mini, and refer to it as “the most pocketable iPhone.” That kind of marketing would help differentiate the device from the 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch versions of the iPhone 12.

Earlier this year, Apple drew complaints from some consumers when it replaced the diminutive first-generation iPhone SE with a larger second-generation model. The design of the smallest iPhone 12 should appeal to this group.

But this isn’t expected to be a bare-bones model. With a rumored price of $649, it’ll have an OLED display, Face ID facial recognition and faster 5G networking.

“Say hello to the first iPhone with a 5.4-inch Super Retina screen, the A14 Bionic which is most powerful mobile chip ever, a new dual camera setup with Night mode, iOS 14 out of the box, and even more,” said the Hacker 34 in the description of his concept video.

This model, and the rest of Apple’s 2020 handsets, won’t launch until October of this year, not the usual September.