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Level Touch smart lock turns your fingertip into a key


The new Level Touch smart lock opens with a touch -- and other ways, too.
The new Level Touch smart lock opens with a touch -- and other ways, too.
Photo: Level Home

Level Home’s second HomeKit-compatible smart lock lets you use your fingertip as a key. But you won’t even really need that finger tap to open your door. The new lock, called the Level Touch, offers a variety of entry methods — including fully automatic (triggered by your smartphone’s Bluetooth connection when you arrive home).

“With Level Touch, keys are optional,” the company said in a press release Tuesday unveiling the new device. “You can enter and exit in any way that is most convenient for you, with the touch of a finger, using your voice or even an included programmable keycard. All of this while maintaining the highest level of residential security of any smart lock to date.”

HomeKit devices from ex-Apple execs

Level Home is an upstart maker of smart home devices founded by ex-Apple employees. Its first HomeKit lock, released in May, took stealth to a new level. The Level Lock replaced the guts of a homeowner’s existing deadbolt with smart hardware that made it “invisible.” (The company apparently renamed that model the Level Bolt.)

The new Level Touch is a standalone deadbolt with a touch-sensitive exterior. From the first press images, the design looks quite sleek and modern. It’s a far cry from the traditionally bulky appearance of smart locks.

“Until now, smart home products have traded design for functionality and features creating an imbalance in the natural tension between design and technology,” said John Martin, Level co-founder and CEO, in the press release. “We’re ending this compromise with Level Touch, where the outside is just as strong, beautiful and precise as the inside. Level Touch was created for the people who want to make their house a home who equally value design with security and technology.”

Level Touch smart lock features

The Level Touch's interior latch looks quite sleek.
The Level Touch’s interior latch looks quite sleek.
Photo: Level Home

Here are the Level Touch lock features, as outlined in the press release:

  • DESIGNED TO DISAPPEAR, NOT INTERFERE – With its minimalist footprint and timeless design, Level Touch offers unmatched convenience and security without sacrificing style. It comes in four distinct finishes, including Satin Chrome, Satin Nickel, Polished Brass and Matte Black.
  • AUTOMATIC UNLOCK, TOUCH TO LOCK – No more digging for keys or pushing buttons. Level Touch is Bluetooth connected, so your door automatically unlocks when you enter the home boundary. Locking up is as quick as a touch of a finger on the lock, or it will automatically lock after a preselected time. Discreet NFC-enabled keycards are available to lock and unlock your home in case you’re phone-free.
  • INVITE ACCESS AND CONTROL ENTRY – With the Level app, welcome friends, family and people you trust into your home from anywhere. Guests gain entry to your home by using their phone as a key and you’ll get notified when people come and go.
  • PREMIUM CRAFTSMANSHIP – The Level Touch is built from stainless steel, resulting in a clean finish. The gearbox smoothly locks and unlocks under the toughest conditions and the Level Touch is powered by a cleverly hidden CR2 battery within the deadbolt, giving you power for at least a year.
  • ENGINEERED FOR STRENGTH AND SECURITY – Level Touch is BHMA AAA certified to meet the highest industry standard for security and durability, so you’ll feel protected with every touch.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH YOUR LIFE – Level Touch installation only requires a screwdriver and an iOS or Android device to operate.
  • GET MORE WITH HOMEKIT – With HomeKit or HomeKit Hub, you can unlock additional features like voice control with Siri, remote connectivity, home automations and more.

The Level Touch smart lock retails for $329. It’s available to order today from Level.