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Level Lock is an ‘invisible’ HomeKit lock with Apple in its DNA


A new invisible HomeKit lock called Level Lock works with your existing deadbolt.
Level Lock takes a stealth approach to HomeKit.
Photo: Level Home

A new “invisible” HomeKit-compatible lock means you won’t need to sacrifice fancy door hardware to get smart lock functionality. Level Lock replaces your existing deadbolt’s guts, hiding seamlessly inside your door.

It’s an innovative approach to smart lock design. That’s not too surprising, though, considering Level Home was founded by a couple of ex-Apple employees.

“Level Lock was created by ex-Apple execs and is the first smart lock that fits completely inside of an existing deadbolt, invisible to the naked eye,” the company said in a press release announcing the new lock’s availability Friday. “It connects with Apple’s HomeKit to enable Siri integration and deliver updates through the Home app.”

Level Lock retails for $229. The ability to work with existing door hardware means even homeowners with high-end fixtures can add HomeKit functionality.

Level Lock, the ‘invisible’ HomeKit lock

Here’s a list of Level Lock features from the press release:

  • Invitations: Share access with friends and family based on specified time and day
  • Keyless Entry: Use your iOS (or Android) device as a secure key to lock or unlock your door
  • Auto Lock/Unlock: Automatically lock with time settings or unlock as you approach
  • Access Anytime: Give access to people when they’re at your home and you’re not
  • Voice Control: Use Siri on your iOS device to lock or unlock your door
  • Notifications: Get notified when friends arrive or when it’s time to change the battery
  • Remote Entry: Unlock your door from anywhere using your iPhone or Apple Watch

Apple launched HomeKit in 2014 with iOS 8. The home-automation platform got off to a slow start, largely due to Cupertino’s obsession with security. At first, the company even insisted that HomeKit hardware include a custom chip. However, Apple moved to software authentication in 2018, spurring renewed interest among manufacturers for making HomeKit devices.

HomeKit lets users with a HomeKit hub — an Apple TV, HomePod or iPad — control smart devices in their houses. Users can set up scenes and automations to, for instance, turn on all their smart lights with a Siri command, or lock all their doors at a certain hour.

About Level Home

Level Lock hide inside your door.
The HomeKit-compatible hardware hides inside your door.
Photo: Level Home

In a statement on Level Home’s website, the company’s founders, CEO John Martin and CTO Ken Goto, describe their very Apple-like approach to crafting HomeKit devices:

At Level, we take a unique approach — one that focuses not only on what we make but how we make it and who we make it for; one that results in elegant and impactful solutions; one that raises the bar for the connected home. We start at what we like to call square zero and design products that make “smart” invisible. Our flagship product, the Level Lock, embodies our beliefs, highlighting that technology shouldn’t demand consumers to change the way they live their lives. It should blend seamlessly into the background and take care of you when you need it.

Back in October, Martin told CNBC that the “majority of the company is from Apple at some point of their careers.”

Price: $229

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