iPhone 12 lens-maker denies reports of camera problems


The iPhone 12's had 99 problems. But camera lens may not be one.
Photo: The Hacker 34

Yujingguang, a.k.a Genius Electronic Optical, has denied that there are problems with the iPhone 12 camera lenses.

TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo previously suggested that some of the coatings for the wide-angle lens produced by the company had cracked during a high-pressure, high-humidity stress test by Apple.

However, Genius maintains that its production is running without issues. It also said that demand from its “brand handset clients” (which reportedly include Apple) remain normal.

Kuo’s suggestion of manufacturing problems was unlikely to delay the iPhone 12, the analyst said previously. That is because Largan Precision, another Apple manufacturer working on the component, was supposedly ready to make up any shortfall. But Kuo suggested that Genius may need to lower prices to retain Apple as a client. Instead of charging Apple $2 to $2.20 per lens, Kuo said that Genius could have to reduce its price to as little as $1.50.

It’s not clear whether Genius or Kuo was correct in their version of events. (Or some combination of the two?)

iPhone 12’s tough road to market

The iPhone 12 has had something of a troubled journey to market. The coronavirus threw a large spanner in the works when it appeared at the end of 2019, initially in China. COVID-19 caused the temporary closure of several factories, including those making components for Apple. Furthermore, Apple employees were unable to travel to China to set up the production lines. This meant that things had to be done remotely.

The situation got even trickier when COVID-19 spread to the United States. Apple employees had to work from home, which caused challenges for both the hardware and software teams. Making things even tougher is the fact that this is a big year for the iPhone. The iPhone 12 is Apple’s biggest handset upgrade in years — with a form factor redesign, 5G, and more.

Miraculously, all of this disruption has apparently set Apple back only a few weeks. The latest reports suggest that the iPhone 12 will debut in October, rather than its usual September unveiling timeslot. Apple might choose to stagger the launch by releasing the two regular iPhone 12 units on one date and the iPhone 12 Pro handsets on another.

Fortunately, if Genius is to be believed, camera lenses aren’t going to be one final, last minute headache for Apple to grapple with.

Source: Digitimes