American Airlines starts showing Apple TV+ shows on flights


Apple TV+
Apple Originals are free to view on flights. Well, free aside from the cost of actually flying that is!
Photo: Apple

Apple struck a deal with American Airlines to stream Apple TV+ shows during flights.

The agreement, which started this month, means American’s seat-back entertainment systems come preloaded with Apple Originals. These include The Morning Show, For All Mankind, Dickinson, Defending Jacob and seven more.

The exact lineup of Apple TV+ shows varies by flight. Not every episode of every show is available, either. However, if the in-flight offerings inspire even a small number of customers to seek out an Apple TV+ subscription after getting hooked on, say, Mythic Quest, that could be good news for Cupertino.

This isn’t the first time American Airlines partnered with Apple. In early 2019, the airline began offering Apple Music to customers on domestic flights without them having to buy Wi-Fi to listen. Unlike the Apple TV+ agreement, however, in order to listen to Apple Music, flyers had to be existing subscribers. By comparison, the Apple Originals are available to watch regardless of whether the viewer subscribes to Apple TV+.

Before this, American Airlines was an early airline to drop its heavy pilots’ flight manuals for iPads.

Which Apple TV+ shows do you think are most likely to get people hooked on the service? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: The Points Guy