A Renaissance setup for a Renaissance man [Setups]


MacBook Pro Setup
This setup can handle any task you throw at it.
Photo: Mark Davis

Mark Davis is somewhat of a Renaissance man. He is an author of four novels, an entrepreneur, an engineer and a scientist. He is between startups right now but recently sold a data analytics platform to Dell. In order to perform all of his duties, he needs a setup that can match his tempo. Naturally, he has a dual-monitor setup.

His main monitor is a Samsung U28E590D 28-inch 4k UHD which has a one-millisecond response time that obliterates latency. He pairs it up with a LG 27-inch IPS Monitor which he mainly runs off of his 2018 iPad Pro. A 13-inch MacBook Pro is the backbone of the setup. It is covertly hidden on a Twelve South BookArc behind the monitors. His MacBook is specced out with 16GB of RAM storage, which is important to him “so I can run multiple virtual machines in parallel when needed,” he said.

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Davis uses his iPad for image editing and graphic design and for when he is on-the-go. He uses the Apple Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil as accessories.

To round out his office space, he has a Logitech C920 HD Pro Camera which records his Zoom meetings in crystal-clear quality. A TaoTronics Computer Speaker is just some foreplay for things to come. Prepare for some unfettered audiophilia. Davis is a self-proclaimed audiophile and has the tech to prove it.

Mac mini sound system

Davis uses a Mac mini to power his sound system. The Mac mini feeds a Topping D90 MQA Digital-To-Analog Converter, which gives him ultra-filtered sound quality. The DAC outputs to twin Schiit Aegir Amplifiers that power a pair of Tekton Designs Double Impact Speakers. The monster speakers stand 4’6″ and give him great sound quality. To simplify things he installed a Raspberry Pie 7-inch Touch Screen Display to control the rig. And Davis uses the high-res streaming service Qobuz to stream the highest-quality music, refusing to settle for Spotify or Apple Music.

This Mac mini setup delivers massive audio.
This setup uses a Mac mini to deliver massive audio.
Photo: Mark Davis

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Via: Submitted personally by Mark Davis.

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