iPhone 12 might come with braided Lightning-to-USB-C cable


This might be a glimpse of the iPhone 12 cable.
The iPhone 12 cable might get an upgrade to make up for there not being a power adapter in the box.
Photo: DuanRui

The iPhone 12 might not come with a charger, but it’ll supposedly get a nicer charging cable.

A leaker with a history of accuracy re-tweeted images that allegedly show a braided Lightning cable intended for the 2020 iPhone. And, it will connect to USB-C ports, not USB-A.

Four images of the cable came from a source in China with the note “iPhone 12 series will be equipped with USB-C to Lightning braided data cable.”

This unconfirmed report is getting attention because the post was retweeted by L0vetodream. This leaker has, so far, been 88.6% accurate in predicting Apple’s future moves, according to AppleTrack.

Follow the saga of the iPhone 12 cable and charger

Apple reportedly created a 20-watt USB-C power adapter for the iPhone 12. But it won’t be in the box.

Apple is supposedly going to stop offering the 5-watt USB-A charger that it’s bundled with iPhones for over a decade. The cost savings from hardware and shipping will reportedly help Apple ask the same prices for the iPhone 12 as it does for its 2019 handsets. This despite the 2020 models adding 5G, a lidar scanner and other rumored new features.

But the iPhone 12 nevertheless will come with a Lightning charging cable, according to the latest rumor. This will connect to USB-C power adapters that offer improved charging speeds. And it will connect this handset to MacBooks and other Macs that don’t come with USB-A ports.

Plus, if today’s report is correct, it’ll be a nicer cable than the low-end one the company currently bundles with its handsets and tablets.