This password manager makes it super easy to log into any account.

Save time and stay secure with this top-rated password manager [Deals]


Access all your accountrs with a single password using one of the world's easiest and most secure password managers.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Forgetting a password can cost time and peace of mind. But even simply entering passwords costs time, so why not just skip that entire step? That’s exactly what a password manager offers.

Dashlane, the official password manager of Cult of Mac, is so easy to use it’s hard to believe. First and foremost, you can log into any service online or on your computer with a single master password. An automatic password generator helps you ensure your passwords are unguessable (and it comes up with better passwords than you can anyway). And the Password Changer feature makes it trivially easy to automatically reset your existing passwords on many supported websites.

You can use Dashlane on all platforms and browsers, too, so you can instantly log into any website, make digital payments, store vital personal data, and more — all in full security. Even better, Dashlane is a great autofill tool, with the option of two-factor authentication for added security.

Buy now: Get a year of Dashlane Password Manager Premium Plan for $29.99. That’s half off the usual price.