iPhone Podcasts app could get more personal in iOS 14


The Apple Podcasts app could be getting some new features in iOS 14.
iOS 14 could bring new features to the iPhone Podcasts app as Apple faces increasing competition.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

The Apple Podcasts app is reportedly getting a facelift. The version debuting in iOS 14 will supposedly include a “For You” tab with suggestions based on podcasts the user is already subscribed to.

The feature will be similar to one in Apple Music, according to 9to5Mac. Apple’s updated Podcasts app supposedly will use more than just the podcasts you already listen to, though. In addition, it will let users see what their friends are listening to. Plus, in iOS 14, the Podcasts app allegedly will make it easier for podcast creators to offer bonus material.

If this unconfirmed report proves true, we should hear about it next week. By long-held tradition, Apple will unveil its new iPhone operating system, and other upcoming software updates, at the Worldwide Developers Conference keynote on June 22.

Apple beefing up its podcasts

For many years, Apple reined as the 800-pound gorilla of spoken-word programs distributed over the internet. The podcasts format is even named after the iPod. But the company faces increased competition from the likes of Spotify and others as podcasts boom in popularity.

To maintain its lead, Apple began buying exclusive rights to some podcasts, partially with an eye to someday turning them into Apple TV+ shows. But it also needs to head off rival Spotify, which recently began buying rights to podcasts itself — and making them exclusive. Most notably, in May it bought the Joe Rogan Experience. This means one of the world’s most popular podcasts will disappear from Apple Podcasts, despite it typically being near the top of the charts.