Apple snaps up podcasts -- to turn them into TV shows

Apple snaps up podcasts — to turn them into TV shows


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Apple is on the lookout for podcasts that would make great television.
Photo: Jonathan Farber/Unsplash

Apple is reportedly buying exclusive rights to podcasts that could someday become movies or shows on Apple TV+.

Turning podcasts into television programs is becoming increasingly common. A popular podcast starring Will Ferrell and Paul Rudd is being made into into a Apple TV+ show, for example.

Apple podcasts lead to Apple TV+

Apple apparently plans to get into the podcast-to-video process earlier by buying up podcasts while they are still being made. It’s acquiring “original programs that could eventually be adapted into future TV+ video content,” Bloomberg reported on Thursday.

Word that Apple was going to start buying podcasts first surfaced last year. Today’s report indicates a new goal of these acquisitions.

But part of the plan is also heading off rival Spotify, which has recently begun buying rights to podcasts itself. Most notably, this week it bought the Joe Rogan Experience, which will become a Spotify exclusive. This will mean it’ll disappear from Apple Podcasts, where it’s typically near the top of the charts.

Plus more podcast acquisitions

Apple is looking to hire someone to lead its efforts to find and acquire podcasts that would make good television, according to Bloomberg.

In addition, the company is reportedly planning to buy the rights to podcasts that focus on shows and movies already on Apple TV+.