AirTab becomes world’s lightest 15.6-inch touchscreen monitor


AirTab with MacBook
Plug the AirTab external display directly into a MacBook’s USB-C port.
Photo: AirTab

Travelers looking for a lightweight external monitor for their MacBook can turn to AirTab. This comes in at only 1.1 pounds and 0.19 inches thick.

And the AirTab Touch adds a 10-point touchscreen without increasing the bulk.

AirTab offers a bigger screen on the go

MacBook users are familiar with the trade off between a very portable laptop and a relatively small screen. An external display like AirTab adds more room to work, making you more productive.

“Our team insisted on creating a monitor that had touchscreen convenience and essential features but was lighter than any other high definition monitor in its class,” said Allen, CEO of AirTab. “With AirTab, having a second monitor for work or entertainment is easy whether you are at a desk or on the go.”

Screen specs and ports

The 15.6-inch screen has a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels (1080p), and a 60 Hz refresh rate. It offers 250 Nits of brightness, and 72% of NTSC.

This external monitor connects to the MacBook or iPad Pro through the USB-C port. No HDMI adapter is necessary. Plus, AirTab can be used with many Windows laptops, Android phones or Nintendo Switch.

And AirTab has a second USB-C port, giving users the option to power the screen from an external source so their laptop’s or tablet’s battery won’t get drained.

It comes with a magnetic cover that protects it from dust and scratches. Plus, the cover can be folded into a kickstand to prop the monitor up in landscape, portrait or creation mode.

AirTab funded on Kickstarter today

AirTab launched on Kickstarter on Tuesday and was fully funded in the first hour.

There are still Super Early Bird deals available, with this product going for $179, which is $120 less than the retail price of $299. Or the AirTab Touch is available now for $209, down from the retail price of $379.

The drawback is that this external display isn’t scheduled to ship until October 2020.

Those who can’t wait can instead choose a mobile touchscreen from Espresso Displays. Or the basic portable 15.6-inch LCD from Lepow.