Macs get their own version of Apple Developer app the week before WWDC


Apple Developer for Mac is finally here.
A Mac version of Apple Developer is finally out. Just in time for WWDC.
Photo: Apple

WWDC 2020 The Apple Developer app is the one-stop-shop for all the information devs need, but until now there’ve only been versions for iPhone and iPad. On Monday, the company finally brought out a version for Mac. This guide to the 2020 Worldwide Developers Conference comes a week before WWDC kicks off.

And while this event will be entirely online, Apple is sending out press invites anyway.

Apple Developer app finally comes to Mac

Apple Developer includes technical information on iOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS and all the other Apple platforms. It also lets users watch video from current and past WWDC events.

It was originally created as the WWDC app, which was a relatively simple guide to the annual Developers conference. Which is probably why there were only versions for mobile devices — the software was intended to be used primarily at the conference. But its scope grew significantly, and last November the name was changed to the Apple Developer app.

But there still wasn’t a version that would run on a Mac. That became a bigger problem when the COVID-19 pandemic forced Apple to take the WWDC 2020 completely online. So almost every developer will be attending the event on their Mac.

And now they have a macOS version of Apple Developer to make that easier. This comes as the iPhone and iPad versions were also tweaked to be ready for next week’s conference.

Apple gets the press ready for WWDC keynote

Another step in prepping for WWDC is inviting the press — and invitations went out today. That’s despite this year’s developers conference being entirely online. Apple still asked journalists to tune in to its Special Event Keynote on June 22 at 10 am PDT.

But don’t feel left out. The company also invited the public to stream the keynote at the same time.

But an event normally held during the Worldwide Developers Conference is being slightly postponed. The company said on Monday that the 2020 Apple Design Award winners will be announced June 29. That’s after the end of the WWDC.