iPhone Slide Pro concept makes moves Apple never will

iPhone Slide Pro concept makes moves Apple never will


iPhone Slide Pro concept is not a folding iPhone.
A hidden second screen is the signature feature of the iPhone Slide Pro concept.
Photo: iOS Beta News/ ConceptsiPhone

A concept artist proposes Apple make a sliding iPhone, not a folding one. The iPhone Slide Pro boasts a second touchscreen that hides behind the primary one.

Watch a video of the concept device in action:

iPhone Slide Pro was created by iOS Beta News for ConceptsiPhone.

The demo video doesn’t show many of the potential uses for the slide-away screen, just using it as a secondary application launcher. Still, it could theoretically function like Slide Over apps do on iPads, allowing someone to, for example, check their email without leaving the webpage shown on the main screen. Or this touchscreen could function as a keyboard.

Although folding displays have drawn more attention, sliding screens have fans too. TCL even built a prototype sliding-screen handset.

Other features of the iPhone Slide Pro concept

The proposed iOS handset includes a display that wraps around the sides. This makes room for more application icons, serving as a sort always-available dock.

The iPhone Slide Pro, if real, would also include three camera lenses and a Lidar 3D scanner. This is really expected to be a feature of the iPhone 12 when it debuts this autumn.

But the rest of the design isn’t likely to get adopted. Over the years, Apple filed for multiple patents related to a folding iPhone. It’s shown no such interest in sliding handsets.