Crazy iPhone concept includes super-size detachable camera

Crazy iPhone concept includes super-size detachable camera


Mosaic iPhone concept features a removable camera.
The Mosaic concept explores designing a smartphone around a removable, stand-alone camera.
Photo: Louis Berger

A concept artist apparently noticed that the iPhone camera hump keeps getting larger and larger, and designed a device that runs with that idea.

Louis Berger’s Mosaic is a removable triple-lens camera hump that can function independently.

iPhone mini concept is all about the camera

In this concept, the camera hump is the phone. “Mosaic rethinks the smartphone camera as an independent & modular device,” notes Berger.

It consists of a Photo Tile, with the cameras, processor, and a tiny display. It’s controlled through pressure sensitive bezels, a paired smart watch or perhaps AirPods. A sort of iPhone mini concept.

Users have the option to clip the Small Display Tile to the back. This brings a slightly larger screen and additional battery.

And the Large Display Tile gives Mosaic a traditional smartphone shape with a much bigger screen. This module also includes a faster processor and more battery capacity.

Berger’s idea is that one would buy the Photo Tile, then add whatever additional features they need. They could choose a large or small display. Or perhaps wear the Mosaic around their neck.

To be clear, the designer says nothing about this being an Android or iPhone concept. He’s simply considering possibilities. And fairly radical ones. Some concept designs just tweak current devices, while others swing for the fences. Berger’s idea goes completely against the convention wisdom of smartphone design. But then so did the original iPhone.

Via: Yanko Design