Powerbeats Pro’s pretty new color options jump from rumor to reality


2020 Powerbeats Pro comes in four new colors
The wait is over for Powerbeats Pro in summertime colors.

Powerbeats Pro comes in four new colors starting June 9. Unconfirmed reports of Glacier Blue, Spring Yellow, Cloud Pink and Lava Red versions of Beats’ truly wireless headset have been circulating for weeks, but today brought the official unveiling.

But it’s still unclear if the upcoming 2020 version is different from the earlier one in any substantive way.

A 2020 Powerbeats Pro version?

The FCC approved this new version in April. Later, Korea and Malaysia signed off on the release of the 2020 Powerbeats Pro.

But it’s not clear how the update is different from 2019 original. The only external change is the fresh colors. And the reported specs of the new headphones are the same as their predecessor. The $249.95 price remains the same.

More about Beats’ truly-wireless headset

Apple added the sports-focused Powerbeats Pro line to its Beats lineup in April 2019. It’s similar to Apple’s AirPods, complete with the H1 wireless chip found in the AirPods Pro. But they boast improved sweat- and water-resistance, along with over-the-ear support to make it tougher for them to dislodge during exercise.

Until now, these accessories came in navy, black, ivory and moss. In 2020, it seems Apple decided to go for a brighter color palette more suited to summer.