YouTube Kids is now available for Apple TV


YouTube Kids app restrictions
YouTube Kids is no longer limited to tablets and smartphones.
Photo: YouTube

The YouTube Kids app, a special child-friendly version of the YouTube app with additional parental controls, has landed on Apple TV.

The app was launched on iOS and Android in early 2015. However, while users could previously use AirPlay to stream content from their iPhone or iPad to Apple TV, this is the first time YouTube has created a native Apple TV app for the service.

YouTube Kids is divided into four different sections: Recommended, Shows, Music, and Learning. All of these sections boast curated content that has been deemed suitable for kids. It’s a step up from even the Restricted Mode on regular YouTube, which nonetheless can let certain adult content fall through the cracks. (See 2017’s Elsagate, for example.) Helpfully, the app allows you to set up user profiles for your kids, which lets them tailor the selections accordingly.

YouTube Kids also lets parents set control limits for things like how long their kids can watch for. While parents will probably still want to monitor what their kids are seeing on YouTube, this is nonetheless a good option to use as a safeguarding tool.

YouTube Kids is available to access via Apple TV. The iOS version is also available using the App Store.

Via: TechCrunch