Compelling crime drama Defending Jacob gets brand new episode on Apple TV+


Defending Jacob
The plot thickens in episode six.
Photo: Apple TV+

Episode six of Defending Jacob debuted on Apple TV+ Friday, providing fans with another episode of the compelling crime drama to enjoy as the week comes to a close.

Titled “Wishful Thinking,” Apple’s preview for the episode reads as follows: “Andy and Klein explore two last-ditch efforts to prove Jacob’s innocence.”

Apple Original Defending Jacob arrived on Apple TV+ in late April. The show, which is divided into eight episodes, adapts a 2012 novel of the same name by novelist William Landay. The series stars Chris Evans (Captain America) in his first non-movie role since he starred in the Opposite Sex miniseries in 2000.

Defending Jacob on Apple TV+

The show tells the story of a small-town assistant district attorney whose family is shattered after his 14-year-old son is accused of murder. The mystery centers on whether Jacob is guilty or innocent and, as the show’s title suggests, his family’s efforts to defend him.

Downton Abbey’s Michelle Dockery plays Evans’ wife, while Jaeden Martell from It plays the titular Jacob.

Apple hasn’t yet released any audience viewing figures for Defending Jacob. However, a recent report claimed that Defending Jacob ranks as one of the top series premiers for Apple TV+ in terms of numbers. Viewership has continued to build since then. Cult of Mac‘s resident Apple TV+ reviewer Scout Tafoya wrote that, “for the first time, Apple TV+ has delivered a show that lives up to the hype.” He referred to it as “the strongest opening of any Apple TV+ show to date.”

Apple TV+ is available for $4.99 per month. People who have bought an iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple TV recently also get a one-year subscription thrown in for free. New episodes of Defending Jacob — and other movies and TV shows — debut each week, most frequently on a Friday.

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