Forza Street will speed into the App Store next month


Forza Street
Remember to socially distance while you street race. And wash your hands afterwards.
Photo: Forza Street

Microsoft and Turn 10 Studios’ Forza Street racing game is coming to iOS on May 5. The free-to-play street racing game originally debuted for Windows 10 as Miami Street back in May 2018. It was then officially brought under the acclaimed Forza franchise banner last year, when it was promised for a future mobile release.

Forza Street features a diverse range of real-world cars and a cool night setting. Its approach to racing certainly sounds a little… different, though.

Check out the trailer below.

Like real racing… kind of

Forza Street is very different to previous Forza games because of its focus on being a free-to-play game built for mobile. To make the experience of racing on a phone easier, the game-makers have eschewed the steering part altogether. All of this is handled automatically.

All the player has to do, meanwhile, is to accelerate or brake, with the occasional nitrous boost to spice things up. Races in the game last just a minute or two.

That sounds like it has the makings of an extremely lightweight racing game. Like a newly qualified driver taking a supercar off the lot for the first time, this may therefore be a case of proceeding with extreme caution. Nonetheless, the game’s makers have some enticements to hook players willing to give it an early go. As its creators explain:

“For a limited time, we’ll be giving out the Founder’s Pack to anyone who plays Forza Street between May 5 and June 5 as a welcoming gift. This Founder’s Pack includes the rare 2017 Ford GT and some in-game credits and gold in your message center, waiting to be added to your garage. In a game where collecting and upgrading cars will lead to domination on the streets, you don’t want to miss out on this chance to unlock this rare supercar.”

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