WhatsApp may finally support using multiple devices simultaneously


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The WhatsApp dream might one day come true.
Photo: WhatsApp

WhatsApp might be the only messaging platform that you cannot use on multiple devices simultaneously — but that might finally change. A discovery in the latest WhatsApp beta suggests a true multi-platform experience is coming.

You can log into and use WhatsApp on multiple devices (but not multiple smartphones), and right now it’s an okay experience. The big problem is that the web and desktop versions of the app rely on your smartphone to function.

So, if you’re using WhatsApp on the web, and your smartphone runs out of battery, you can no longer access or reply to messages. That’s always been the case, but WhatsApp could finally be working to fix it.

WhatsApp to add true multi-device support?

WABetaInfo has discovered a single line of text in the latest WhatsApp beta release that suggests true multi-device support is in the works. It reads, “… device list changed. Tap for more info.”

The message suggests WhatsApp will allow users to add multiple devices to their account, and will receive an alert on their primary smartphone when that list of devices changes in any way.

WABetaInfo also reports that support for using multiple devices simultaneously is now a “maximum priority” for WhatsApp.

It’s about time!

Let’s face it, it’s somewhat ludicrous that WhatsApp’s reach is still so limited in 2020. Relying on your phone number for setup makes it more secure than other chat services, but also limits its accessibility in a big way.

Unlike Facebook Messenger, Line, Telegram, and many more, WhatsApp can’t be used anywhere if your smartphone isn’t within reach. And there’s still no official WhatsApp client for iPad.