Doom and Doom II updates bring even more content to iOS

Doom and Doom II updates bring even more content to iOS


Doom cover
With his face mask and aggressive social distancing, Doom's protagonist was ready for lockdown.
Photo: Id Software

Trapped in an oppressive single location, allowing no-one to get within breathing distance of you, while the apocalypse teeters ever closer on the horizon… Life in coronavirus lockdown? Maybe. But it’s also an apt description of Doom and Doom II, the classic first-person-shooters which just got a nifty update on iOS.

With a variety of improvements and more than 30 new levels to enjoy, there’s never been a better (or more appropriate) time to check out or revisit this grisly duo of classic 1990s blasters.

Doom and Doom II landed in the App Store last year, ported by Bethesda Softworks. Packing all the pixelated monsters and comically oversized weapons you could hope to lay your hands on, the ports do a great job of letting Gen Xers relive a gaming phenomenon that ruled the scene (and, let’s be honest, made deprived Mac owners envious of PC owners for the first time) in the decade of flannel shirts, Quentin Tarantino, and alt rock.

The latest update, dated March 31, for Doom and Doom II (both $4.99) add audio improvements, performance optimization, and assorted quality-of-life features. The big draw, however, is the addition of “No End In Sight,” a 30 level update that’s available as a free add-on if you link the games to your account.

Have you played Doom and Doom II on iPhone? What did you make of them? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Via: Touch Arcade