Spotify Kids launches in the U.S. and Canada


Spotify Kids
New kid-friendly app is perfect for children stuck at home right now.
Photo: Spotify

Spotify Kids, a standalone app focused on kid-friendly musical content, made its debut in the U.S., Canada, and France on Tuesday.

The app, which requires a $14.99 per month Premium Family Plan to use, highlights curated material aimed at kids of various ages. It won’t include any inappropriate lyrics, features no ads, and offers age-suitable content ranging from audiobooks to lullabies and nurseries rhymes.

Spotify Kids debuted in Ireland last fall. Since then, it has rolled out to markets including Sweden, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, the U.K., Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil. However, this is the first time it has been available to customers in America.

Since it debuted, Spotify has continued to add new content intended to appeal to its target demographic (and their parents). At present, Spotify Kids has more than 8,000 songs available in its catalog. That’s 30% more than it initially launched with.

A kid-friendly remix of Spotify

“We heard loud and clear that both parents and kids are craving more content in the app, so we’ve been increasing the number of tracks available,” said Spotify’s Chief Premium Business Officer Alex Norström in a statement. “We’ve also heard from parents that they want even more control of the content, so we are working on some exciting new features.”

One of the most topical playlists is a COVID-19-themed playlist, titled “Wash Your Hands.” This includes songs about washing your hands correctly (with the help of none other than Baby Shark) and how to cough and sneeze in the most hygienic and considerate way. There’s also a “Learning” playlist, which is perfect for any parents currently home-schooling their kids during lockdown.

Spotify Kids is available to download from the App Store. It is a free download, although, as noted, you’ll need a Premium Family Plan subscription to use it.

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