Apple Music’s ‘Come Together’ playlist will help get you through COVID-19 lockdown


Come Together 1
Apple realizes that music is more important than ever right now.
Photo: Apple

To help people adapting to life in coronavirus lockdown, Apple Music has debuted a series of playlists under the title “Come Together.”

Covering a range of genres, and including some fun tongue-in-cheek titles like the “Social Distancing Social Club,” the hand-picked (hopefully wearing the necessary sanitary gloves) playlists are sure to entertain those locked in-doors. Which is seemingly everyone right now!

Apple’s description reads as follows:

“To say that these are challenging times is an understatement. But wherever you are and whatever you’re experiencing during the pandemic, we’re all in this together. Whether you’re trying to find distraction while working, living and playing at home or struggling to find a positive outlook under major life upheavals — music can be an escape and a salve for yourself and whoever you’re hunkered down with. Because social distancing doesn’t need to mean antisocial. Below you’ll find playlists to suit your situation and to provide comfort, motivation, focus — or just something to dance to and get your mind off all of this.”

The playlists include Isolation Icebreakers (R&B), Work From Home Hustle (hip-hop), Virtual Hugs (pop), Home School Instrumentals (low-key hip-hop and electronica), Living Room Dance Party (pop and dance), Astral Escape (electronic and R&B), and the aforementioned Social Distancing Social Club (family-friendly arena music). You can check them out here.

Right from the earliest days of iTunes, Apple has talked about how music can bring people together. It’s pretty awesome, then, to see the company embody those ideals through its new playlists. Expect to see them periodically updated in order to keep the sounds fresh.

Via: Engadget