iPad magician whips up some quarantine tricks


Simon Pierro iPad magician
Quarantine with a twist.
Screenshot: Simon Pierro/YouTube

This public service announcement is brought to you by a magician who, like you, is stuck home in quarantine and spending a lot of time on his iPad.

“Magician” and “iPad” in the same sentence means Simon Pierro. The iPad magician cooked up some new quarantine -themed tricks to show off. (He also reminds fans to stay at home to help slow the spread of COVID-19.)

Pierro doesn’t normally pull rabbits from a hat. However, he does pull rolls of toilet paper from his iPad in the video he posted to YouTube over the weekend. His iPad also turns into a soapy sink to wash his hands — and then a towel to dry them off.

While all of Pierro’s tricks normally come from his iPad, he does show he can work wonders without the assistance of a tablet with a number of equally breathtaking tricks. He calls the videos “Best Apps for Quarantine,” but of course you won’t find his so-called apps on the App Store.