German magician turns an iPad into one big magic trick



Apple often uses the word “magical” to describe the iPad. That’s usually dismissed as hyperbole, but watch this magician’s appearance on Ellen, and you might change your mind: He’s able to pull actual objects from his iPad’s screen!

The magician you’re seeing is Simon Pierro, a German trickster who has made a name for himself doing various magic tricks with an iPad or iPhone as a prop. His tricks are half sleight-of-hand, half animation. Although in the grand scheme of stage musicians he’s not an all-time great sleight-of-hand-artist, Pierro’s elegant and entertaining use of the iPad makes his tricks seem as if they cross over between the physical and digital worlds.

If you’ve never seen Pierro’s work before, his appearance on Ellen is a good primer to his work. If you like his tricks, check out his website, which is filled with other videos of his work.

Source: YouTube