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Macintosh Plus gets touchscreen upgrade with the help of iPad


Imagine how futuristic this would have looked in 1986.
Photo: Travis DeRose

Face it: Apple’s probably never going to make a touchscreen Mac. It’s definitely never going to make a touchscreen Mac that looks like the 1986-era Macintosh Plus.

Fortunately, engineer and Mac fan Travis DeRose has stepped up to the plate to show us what such a glorious amalgamation of concepts would look like — by building what essentially amounts to a Mac Plus case for his iPad mini. No, it’s not particularly practical, but it is neat looking. Check out his video below.

It’s definitely a neat DIY project, even if it’s one that’s probably more about the fun of building it than actually using it. I would love to see him go to the next level by creating a touch version of classic Mac OS to run on his hybrid creation.

Until then, however, any interested parties can check out DeRose’s step-by-step instructions to build their very own touchscreen Mac. While you’ll have to use a Mac mini for the project, you’re free to use any Mac with these chassis dimensions. That means that you could do this if you happen to have a spare Mac SE, 128K, 512K, Classic II kicking about.

Hey, there are certainly worse things you could do while self-isolating over the next few months!