Google Stadia can now stream games to your Mac in 4K

Google Stadia can now stream games to your Mac in 4K


Stadia gets an edge over game streaming rivals.
Photo: Google

Google Stadia just got a nice little update that gives it an edge over rival streaming services like Nvidia GeForce Now. It can now stream games to your Mac in glorious 4K (or Ultra HD).

Upgrading your video quality requires a simple settings change. You will also need a 4K display, and an internet connection that’s fast enough to handle 4K video.

Stadia generated a lot of excitement ahead of its debut, but two months on, fans are starting to get a little disappointing with its rather small and slow-to-grow games library.

One of the reasons for that is, unlike other game streaming services, Stadia requires games to be rewritten for Google’s systems. It cannot play existing titles as they are like GeForce Now and others.

Stadia does have once nice advantage now, however.

Stadia steps up to 4K streams

Whereas other game streaming services are often capped at 1080p or 2K in an effort to provide the smoothest possible experience, Stadia now has the ability to stream games to your web browser in 4K.

Now, this only works in Google Chrome (obviously) and you will need a 4K display to enjoy it in all its glory. You will also need a super-speedy internet connection; without one you won’t see the 4K option.

Assuming you have all those things, you can upgrade to a 4K stream by pressing Shift + Tab when inside a game, then choosing the Connection option. You can then select 4K.

It’s not yet clear if the whole Stadia library supports 4K streaming, so bear in mind that your mileage may vary depending on your setup and the games you play.

More to come from Stadia

4K streaming isn’t the only improvement Google has planned for Stadia. A recent Stadia update hints at some big changes in the future, including a free subscription tier, YouTube streaming, and more.