Wells Fargo offers $5 to customers who use Apple Pay at its ATMs


Wells Fargo is embracing Apple Pay at its ATMs.
Wells Fargo lets Apple Pay users withdraw money without having to carry around a bank card.
Photo: Mike Mozart/Flickr CC

Want $5 for free? Of course you do — and thanks to Wells Fargo, you can claim it. Provided that you use Apple Pay or another digital wallet, that is.

From now through March 5, 2021, customers who access a Wells Fargo ATM using the debit card in their digital wallet for the first time will earn five bucks. Here’s how you get your hands on the loot.

Wells Fargo started rolling out Apple Pay support at its ATMs in 2017. This allows customers to get cash without having to carry around a physical debit or credit card. Now it’s ramping up the efforts to promote it.

As Wells Fargo explains:

“Your debit card is already in your digital wallet, so why not use it to easily get cash — and do more — at a Wells Fargo ATM? And now, when you access a Wells Fargo ATM using your debit card in your digital wallet for the first time, you’ll earn a $5 statement credit.”

Your $5 won’t be dispensed in the form of paper money. Instead, you’ll be rewarded with a $5 credit posted to your primary linked account when you access a Wells Fargo ATM with Apple Pay or other digital wallet with your iPhone or iPad. You need to enter your debit card PIN and complete an ATM transaction.

The offer is open to everyone with a regular (non-business) debit card. Wells Fargo notes that it could take between six and eight weeks for the statement credit to be added to your account.

As mentioned, it’s only available the first time you use a Wells Fargo ATM in this way. So don’t start planning on a day of ATM withdrawals thinking that you’ll net $5 every time!

Wells Fargo: Making Apple Pay a thing

There are some pretty great offers out there as banks, retailers and tech companies try to boost mobile payment service adoption. Apple regularly teams up with companies to promote Apple Pay — which means some neat freebies for customers.

In the past, Apple offered giveaways like free fries at McDonald’s or 20% off sporting goods at Fanatics. Most recently, Apple and 1-800 Flowers offered $15 off flower orders for Valentine’s Day.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has expressed his surprise that mobile payments have taken so long to take off. While that happens, however, users can reap the rewards, thanks to the promotions.