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iPad Pro with triple-lens camera looks increasingly likely


A Pad & Quill leather folio has an over-size camera opening.
This Pad & Quill leather folio is ready when/if Apple builds more lenses into the next iPad Pro’s rear-facing cameras.
Photo: Pad & Quill

A well-known accessory maker unveiled a case that’s apparently designed for a 2020 iPad Pro with a dual- or even triple-lens camera like the ones in the iPhone 11 series. There’s no such tablet, but rumors say one is coming soon.

The Pad & Quill Aria Smart Keyboard iPad Pro 12.9 (Gen 3) Cases is a leather folio for an Apple tablet with keyboard attached.  It includes an opening for the rear-facing camera — an opening that’s about twice as big as needed by the current iPad Pro.

Other companies are apparently getting ready for something new as well. Images of a snap-on iPad cover with an over-size camera opening leaked yesterday.

The Pad & Quill folio debuts March 1, too soon for this to be a hint of a release date for the 2020 iPad Pro.

2020 iPad Pro upgraded with triple-lens cameras?

All iPads going back to 2010 have included single-lens rear-facing cameras, but numerous reports indicate that’s about to change. Future models will allegedly sport either two or three camera lenses in the square arrangement that debuted in the iPhone 11 series.

iPad Pro with rumored triple-lens camera
This artist’s concept shows an iPad Pro with the rumored triple-lens camera.
Photo: Cult of Mac/Apple

On the newest 6.1-inch iPhone, there are Ultra Wide and Wide lenses. The two “Pro” handsets add a Telephoto lens.

Information leaking from a Chinese component supplier indicated the next iPad will have a dual-lens camera. But triple-lens ones will come later.

And there might be a 3D sensor added this year as well. This is expected to make augmented reality more accurate.

It’s possible that case makers like Pad & Quill heard these rumors and are simply covering their bases. They don’t have any inside information about the 2020 iPad Pro, but just want their products to be ready if Apple does double the size of the iPad camera opening. An over-size camera opening wouldn’t detract from the usefulness of an iPad Pro case, even if it’s not necessary.

Via: MacRumors