2020 iPad Pro case makes way for rumored camera upgrade


Much of the same, but with one big difference.
Photo: Ben Geskin

At least one iPad Pro case manufacturer believes that Apple’s upcoming tablet will pack a brand-new camera system. This snap-on cover makes way for a much bigger hump with additional rear-facing sensors.

A major camera upgrade is expected to be the biggest selling point of Apple’s next iPad Pro lineup. Recent reports have indicated we’ll get improved sensors, as well as a 3D time-of-flight (ToF) sensor for better augmented reality experiences.

Of course, we can’t be completely sure of all this until Apple makes it official. But that hasn’t stopped one accessory manufacturer from producing 2020 iPad Pro cases in advance.

2020 iPad Pro to bring design changes

Photos of the case — a simple, snap-on cover — were today published by renowned leaker Benjamin Geskin. Sadly, there were no accompanying details, so we don’t have exact dimensions or a name for the company behind it.

What we can see is that the case is designed to fit an iPad Pro that’s not too dissimilar to today’s models. It has straight edges with sharp corners, and a completely flat back. There’s a cutout for a microphone on its side.

The other side of the case is left open — this is where Apple Pencil sits when it’s charging. The big change, however, is the camera cutout, which is designed for a substantially larger module with at least three sensors.

iPad Pro’s new camera

It is believed one of those cameras will feature a wide-angle lens — like today’s iPad Pro camera — while the other will have an ultra-wide lens like the new sensor in iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro.

These are expected to be accompanied by a ToF sensor that will enable the new iPad Pro to capture better 3D images. This could greatly improve augmented reality apps and games that put virtual content in the real world.

It goes without saying that early accessory leaks aren’t confirmation of Apple’s plans. This case was likely manufactured based on rumors, rather than accurate information sourced directly from Apple.