Egypt in 4K shows why you should have an iPhone 11 Pro


travel video with iPhone 11 Pro
Book a flight and travel light. The iPhone 11 Pro might be all you need.
Screenshot: Travel Shortfilms/YouTube

Still not persuaded that an upgrade to the iPhone 11 Pro is worth the money?

If you are a photographer or wanna-be filmmaker that still needs convincing, travel vlogger Harshit Vora makes a breath-taking argument with a montage of 4K clips from an eight-day trip to Egypt.

The video, posted to YouTube earlier this month, feels like a Valentine to a country rich in history. There is no storyline or narration, only wide-sweeping scenes of Egypt’s deserts, pyramids and marketplaces.

Guided with past-paced music, Vora offers a fairly intimate two-and-a-half-minute portrait as the filmmaker wove in and out of sacred spaces, historical ruins and bustling city streets with an iPhone 11 Pro Max.

San Francisco-based Vora runs channels on YouTube and Instagram called Travel Shortfilms.

Check out the video below and dive into his other travels on YouTube.