iPhone mount lets you use DSLR filters for cool effects


Filter mount by Moondog Labs
The multi-camera filter mount will let the iPhone shooter use any 52 mm filter.
Photo: Moondog Labs

If the iPhone is the best camera because it’s always in your pocket, there are plenty of accessories that make your photos look even better once your phone is unholstered and on the hunt.

Moondog Labs has just such an add-on with a filter mount that goes right over the three-eyed iPhone 11 Pro.

Moondog Labs was among the first companies to produce an anamorphic lens to give video’s a wide, cinematic look. The company specializes in professional-grade tools for mobile photographers and filmmakers.

The company’s new multi-camera filter mount is so popular, it is currently on backorder until next month.

There are a couple of features that make this $35 piece of kit useful. One is the circular 52 mm mount, meaning it can make use of any filter of that size you may have in your DSLR bag.

The other considerate feature Moondog Labs built into the filter is a rear mount that can fit with any bayonet screw-mount iPhone cases. Moment, RhinoShield and Sirui are among the companies with cases threaded for such an attachment.

Don’t have the latest flagship iPhone? The mount will work on single- and double-lensed iPhones. The mount comes with self-adhesive baffles to block stray light.

Filters, like circular polarizers and neutral density filters, are especially great for landscape shots for their ability to reduce glare and reflections and create more vivid colors.

Moondog Labs expects to resume shipping for the new mount by March 6.