Apple Arcade Characters Invade Apple's Homepage For Fun Promotion

Apple Arcade characters invade Apple’s homepage for fun promotion


Apple Arcade characters invade Apple's homepage for fun promotion
Cheeky new Apple promo is a lot of fun.
Photo: Apple

Apple Arcade got a publicity boost over the weekend when Apple transformed the prime real estate of its U.S. website into a fun ad for the gaming service. The promo playfully incorporates animated Apple Arcade characters — including Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog — into the usual publicity shots for devices like the iPhone 11.

It’s an effective advertisement for Apple’s $4.99-per-month subscription gaming service. The campaign reminds me of the way movie studios periodically allow filmmakers to play around with their logos in creative ways at the start of movies. When done well, that can prove very memorable.

To coincide with the promotion, Apple debuted a new Apple Arcade ad on YouTube, titled “A new world to play in.” The ad is accompanied by the 1967 Dean Martin song, “Welcome to My World.” That’s from his album of the same name.

Apple Arcade promotion

After introducing Apple Arcade in 2019, the company neglected to give the premium gaming subscription service the same level of promotion as other services such as Apple Music and Apple TV+. However, the company continues to bring new games to the all-you-can-play platform. A recent addition, spy game Secret Oops!, delivers family fun while showcasing the potential of augmented reality.

Apple Arcade offers 100-plus games for a $4.99 monthly subscription. Up to six family members can play the exclusive games on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV. Cupertino also offers a $49 per year annual subscription. (That works out to a little over $4 per month.)

Apple has yet to release subscription figures for Apple Arcade. During the company’s most recent earnings call, CEO Tim Cook simply said Apple Arcade had been “fast off the blocks” in terms of adoption. The company currently offers a seven-day free trial to the gaming service, which is free of ads and in-app purchases

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