How to export Apple Card transactions to a spreadsheet


Apple Card in POS
Paying with Apple Card is easy, and now entering theses transactions into a spreadsheet is just as easy.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Transferring your Apple Card statement to a spreadsheet application just became a simple process. No third-party software is required — Apple today added the ability to export your transactions in a format that software like Microsoft Excel and Apple Numbers can easily import.

The Apple credit card is all digital, so no paper statements are mailed out. The iOS Wallet app lets card users download their past statements as PDFs, but it hasn’t been easy to bring this information into a spreadsheet.

Cult of Mac recently showed how to accomplish this with a web app call, but Apple Sherlocked it today.

Export Apple Card statements with the push of a button

With the Wallet app, exporting an Apple Card statement is as simple as pushing a button. The only hard part is finding that button, as it’s somewhat buried.

On an iPhone, open the Wallet application’s home screen, tap on Apple Card, then Card Balance. Next, scroll down to Statements. Tap on one of these … like December 2019 perhaps. This opens a page with a quick summary of that month’s spending and Daily Cash. At the bottom, you will find a button for Export Transactions.

That will open a screen showing the date and description of every Apple Card charge made that month. On this screen, tap on the Action button at the upper right corner of your iPhone’s display. This will show you options for exporting the data.

Press the Export Transactions button to make your Apple Card statement into a spreadsheet table
Press the Export Transactions button to make your Apple Card statement into a spreadsheet table.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

At this point, your transactions are in a file with comma-separated values (CSV). Any spreadsheet application worth using will be able to import this and turn it into a table. Or you can save it directly to your device, email it, etc.

This same export process can be done on an iPad. Go to Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay > Apple Card > Card Balance > Pick any Statement listed there, then Export Transactions.

Apple Numbers, a full-featured spreadsheet application available for free in the App Store, can accept a CSV from iPhone or iPad. It’ll appear unformatted, but that’s easily taken care of.

Note: At this point, it’s only possible to export statements from previous months. The same can’t be done with charges from the current month.

The Wallet works hard to help you keep track of your Apple Card transactions, even automatically categorizing them into types. But if viewing statements in a spreadsheet helps, then that’s now possible.