Here's what Tim Cook sends to Apple employees after 5 years of service

Here’s what Tim Cook sends to Apple employees after 5 years of service


Here's what Tim Cook sends to Apple employees after 5 years of service
But who signs Tim Cook's certificates?
Photo: Lemont Washington

What do you get when you’ve been at Apple for five years — aside from a (hopefully nice) paycheck and the knowledge that you’re valued enough by the world’s biggest tech company that they want to keep you around for half a decade?

The answer: A nifty five years plaque you can hang up on your wall, signed by none other than CEO Tim Cook.

Lemont Washington recently shared his five-year, Tim Cook-signed  plaque on Twitter.

Washington joined Apple in September 2014 as a senior software engineer. Since then, he’s worked on Swift Playgrounds, HomeKit, and Messages. He actually passed his five-year anniversary at Apple five months back. But either he’s just received his plaque or he’s held off sharing it with the world.

“[The stickers on the plaque] were printed on a 3D printer from a colleague who’s really into that,” Washington told Cult of Mac. He said that the plaque was proudly displayed in his workplace at Apple Park.

Tim Cook’s five year message

The plaque reads:

“Five years at Apple is a significant milestone. When you came here, you signed up to accomplish truly great things. Since then, you have brought passion, creativity, and tenacity — simply because that’s what the pursuit of excellence requires. You have energized and inspired others through the standards you set for yourself. And you have made the kind of impact that changes people’s lives. That is significant. Thank you — for all you have done and all you will do throughout your journey at Apple.”

While such plaques are only given to employees, there is the occasional chance to get your hands on one if you’re not an Apple employee. Recently a 10-year Apple employment plaque signed by Steve Jobs went up for auction. However, for the most part these are things recipients don’t get rid of. If you’re really keen on getting your own five-year Apple employment plaque, the best thing to do would be to start polishing your CV!

Any current or past Apple employees reading? Post pictures or memories of your various tenure awards in the comments below.