Heartwarming ‘Shot on iPhone’ short film stars China’s Zhou Xun

Heartwarming ‘Shot on iPhone’ short film stars China’s Zhou Xun


Actress Zhou Xun stars in the latest “Shot on iPhone” production.
Director Theodore Melfi and actress Zhou Xun worked on the latest “Shot on iPhone” short film.
Screenshot: Apple

Apple’s short film Daughter portrays three generations of Chinese women as they struggle with their relationships and changing gender roles just ahead of the Chinese New Year celebration. This “Shot on iPhone” production stars Zhou Xun, one of the country’s top actresses.

The short was recorded on an iPhone 11 Pro to demonstrate the capabilities of the camera in Apple’s latest handset.

Watch this charming 8-minute video starring this well-known actress now:


Apple says this video, Chinese New Year — Daughter, is “A film about three generations of Chinese women coming together at Chinese New Year.”

It was directed by Theodore Melfi, best know for directing Hidden Figures. Cinematography is by Lawrence Sher. Its  star Zhou Xun is regarded as one of the Four Dan Actresses of China.

Making of this “Shot on iPhone” video

Because Daughter was filmed entirely on an iPhone 11 Pro, Apple created a “making of” video to show the process. It shows the cameraman using a handset to record the short film.


There is also commentary by Melfi and Sher. And Zhou Xun, too.

Apple regularly releases “Shot on iPhone” videos, though not always with plots. Earlier this month, it debuted Fire and Ice, with flame and cold performing spectacular stunts for an iPhone camera.