‘Shot on iPhone’ video mixes fire and ice with spectacular results


The latest Shot on iPhone video includes lots of fire
Screenshots from Experiments IV: Fire and Ice would make great wallpapers.
Screenshot: Apple

Flame and cold seemingly perform spectacular stunts in Apple’s latest “Shot on iPhone” video. A pair of artists use the capabilities of the iPhone 11 Pro camera to create Experiments IV: Fire and Ice.

Watch it now:

The purpose of the “Shot on iPhone” collection is to highlight the photographic capabilities of Apple’s handsets. That’s why Apple commissioned Donghoon Jun and James Thornton of Incite to push the camera to its limits

To show off how these visually-stunning effects were captured with an iPhone 11 Pro, Apple also released a “Behind the Scenes” video:

Don’t miss the earlier “Shot on iPhone” experiments

This isn’t the first time Apple asked Jun and Thornton to use an iPhone to make an amazing video. Last summer, Experiments III: Cascade used water as its subject.

Earlier in the year, the company released Experiments II: Full Circle, which used a bullet time video rig to showcase the low-light shooting powers of the iPhone XR.

And the original, Experiments I: Elements featured Jun and Thornton apparently creating alien planets with various effects and an iPhone XS camera.

All the Shot on iPhone videos in this series are collected into a YouTube playlist.