No Way Home brings galactic battle action to Apple Arcade


“No Way Home” is space-themed RPG debuted today on Apple Arcade.
No Way Home promises loads of lighthearted blasting fun.
Photo: Apple/SMG Studios

You’ll need your ship, your blaster and a wacky robot companion to survive the excitement of No Way Home, a role-playing game for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV that just debuted on Apple’s gaming service.

It features hand-drawn artwork and a story that spans a huge universe.

No Way Home isn’t a serious as the name implies

The name makes this sound like a grimdark quest, possibly soaked in blood. But No Way Home is far, far more lighthearted than that.

SMG Studios, the developer, says “Stranded in a strange galaxy, you must fight for survival using only your wits, your ship, and your party-planning robot companion. Explore the universe, befriend bizarre aliens, and blast through hordes of monsters as you endeavor to find a way home.”

No Way Home promises to dial up many of the standard RPG elements, including 50+ weapons, dozens of unique types of enemies, and epic boss battles. Plus, there are missions to go on, as well as Daily Challenges.

Not only does this single-player action title support external controllers like the Rotor Riot Wired Game Controller, SMG Studios recommends they be used. And headphones too.

It was announced on Twitter:

An Apple Arcade exclusive

No Way Home launched today on the App Store, but the only way to play is with a subscription to Apple Arcade. While this comes with a $4.99 a month fee, it also brings access to over 100 other games, all of which can be played on a variety of Apple devices.

And additional games debut regularly — usually on Fridays. The most recent additions are Doomsday Vault and Lego Builder’s Journey. There’s never any  worries about in-app purchases and ads in these, as both are banned from Apple’s gaming service.