Samsung’s new spinning Sero TV coming to U.S. with AirPlay 2

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Samsung Sero TV coming to U.S. with AirPlay 2
Launched last May in South Korea, the Samsung spinning Sero TV is coming to America with AirPlay 2 support.
Photo: Samsung

CES-2020-bug-2With the advent of more verticle videos on social media platforms, Samsung is introducing its Sero pivoting TV in the U.S. with Apple AirPlay 2 support.

Samsung showed off its new Sero TV at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Sunday with plans for its release in the second half of this year. No specific price was revealed, but Samsung launched the 4K display in South Korea for roughly $1,640 last May.

The Sero – meaning “vertical” in Korean – features a 43-inch QLED display that sits on a floor stand display and rotates either horizontally, as a conventional TV, or vertically. According to Samsung, it’s designed “for the mobile generation” to view content from Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and TikTok.

The 4K television also has 4.1 channel, 60-watt speakers and a microphone-enabled remote.

In a demo to journalists Sunday, Samsung showed the Sero being controlled by an iPhone app. A simple tap of an icon switches from portrait to landscape and back.

Apple and Samsung joined forces last February by announcing some of its new TVs would ship with an iTunes Store app and AirPlay 2 support. Samsung became the first third party to confirm support for Apple TV+ on its TVs last September.