Meet the inventor who will untangle all our cords 


Product line from Fuse
Your Apple charging cords need not be a tangled mess.
Photo: Fuse

Logan Bailey, an inventor of accessories that untangle Apple charging cords, was himself tied in knots.

There was no hiding it at the altar as he faced the woman he was about to marry. Bailey was stressed. Deep down, his bride-to-be knew why.

She asked what was wrong. Bailey confessed – he was thinking about his company, Fuse, and its new line of products. Bailey had just learned the shipping company misplaced three pallets. This unwelcome news had him visibly worried on his wedding day.

Logan and Paige Bailey got married that day. The shipping company found the pallets a few days later. And Bailey returned to promoting Fuse’s new products, all designed to neatly coil every kind of charging cord used to feed power to our Apple devices.

“She 100% knew,” Bailey said of his wife sensing he had Fuse on his mind. “She’s pretty used to talking about Fuse at every meal, every car drive, and every a date we’re on. She’s a saint.”

And Fuse, which started with a single product a little more than a year ago, is thriving.

Side Winder
Logan Bailey left Brigham Young University with a degree and a hit product.
Photo: Fuse

Charging accessories that organize cords

In 2018, Bailey brought to market the Side Winder, a hallelujah solution for MacBook owners tired of wrestling with their cords. Inspired by the orange take-up reels used by electricians, Bailey created a scaled-down version. The MacBook power brick nests in the middle and, as you turn the handle, both ends of the cord wind around the core of the reel.

“The Side Winder was a way to learn the process of launching a product,” Bailey told Cult of Mac. “As soon as I completed Side Winder, I began work on new products. I am constantly 3-D modeling and 3-D printing new ideas, and if any of those ideas can help people, I want to get it out to them.”

After Side Winder came the Side Kick Pro, a kind of pop-socket for the power brick that offered a spool on which to wind the thin cord that connects to the Mac.

Side Winder, Side Kick, Snap Back and more

Fuse now sells two smaller Side Winders, one for headphones and another for the charging cords that come with iPhones and iPads. He even offers a Side Winder for Apple Watch that secures the charging puck in its center.

“(That) was created after a trip to China made me want to leave my charger behind and not bother with the cable mess,” he said.

two products from Fuse
The Side Winder mini and max.
Photo: Fuse

Bailey also created covers that go over the plugs of every charging cable. The Snap Back collection started when he designed one for the 18-watt iPad charger. He adapted that design to fit the 5-watt iPhone USB charger, the 12-watt USB charger and the 29/30-watt USB-C MacBook charger.

Bailey even designed an Apple Pencil grip that can remain on while the stylus charges.

Fuse and Apple’s wireless future

The Snap Back tames your iPad cord.
Photo: Fuse

Bailey said people regularly ask him about the coming wireless era and the complete end of charging cords. Apple is rumored to be moving in that direction next year with an iPhone model with no charging port.

“I am definitely not ignorant of the fact the world is moving wireless,” he said. “But I realize we are many years from eliminating cables, and until then, there is going to be messy cables to organize.

“We are not, however, just a cable-management company. It is where we started. There is an opportunity in many other categories to create innovative products.”