Fantastic iPhone SE 2 concept video will raise your hopes too high

Fantastic iPhone SE 2 concept video will raise your hopes too high


This iPhone SE 2 concept based on the iPhone 5.
This iPhone SE 2 concept is stunning beautiful and totally unlikely.
Screenshot: Hubert Jarechowicz/ ConceptsiPhone

A graphic artist excited about a rumored low-cost iOS model created a video for it. This is a wish list of features for the iPhone SE 2, which could debut in only a few months.

Watch it now:

This video was created by Hubert Jarechowicz exclusively for ConceptsiPhone.

Beautiful iPhone SE 2 concept, but not likely

The concept device sports an updated iPhone 5 design, but with two cameras like the 6.1-inch iPhone 11. There’s no Home button, making room for an edge-to-edge display. While this is what Jarechowicz and many others want, it’s not even close what Apple has in the offing, according to a generally reliable analyst with sources in Asian parts suppliers.

Instead, the budget handset allegedly coming in early 2020 will use the same design as the iPhone 8, just with improved internal components. This will enable Apple to sell it for only $399. That’s in the spirit of the original iPhone SE, a bare-bones device that also went for just under $400.

Apple’s next budget handset supposedly will have a 4.7-inch display and a Home button. There’ll be a latest-generation Apple A13 processor inside though, and 3GB of RAM. A questionable report says it might be called the iPhone 9, not the SE 2.