You can no longer turn back from iOS 13.2.3 if you’ve upgraded already


You can no longer turn back from iOS 13.2.3
Things have changed. There's no going back.
Photo: Apple/Cult of Mac

Apple has stopped signing iOS 12.3.2 following the release of iOS 13.2.3 a couple of weeks back. That means that, if you’ve already upgraded, it’s no longer possible to downgrade again.

Although to be fair, why would you want to?

iOS 13.2.3 launched on November 18. It did not add any major new features, instead focusing mainly on bug fixes. Beta testing is currently underway for iOS 13.3. This will introduce new features to the Screentime app on iPhone and iPad. It is currently in its third beta version.

iOS 13.2.3 and beyond

Apple stops signing older versions of its software to push as many users as possible to run the latest versions. The upgrade numbers speak for themselves. According to Apple’s last figures from October, 55% of all devices introduced in the last four years use iOS 13. Overall, 50% of all its eligible devices run iOS 13.

That’s a world away from Android’s fragmented upgrade system. It’s one of the big reasons Apple’s mobile OS is so powerful. By pushing users to upgrade, Apple can make sure that new features are quickly made available to as many people as possible. More importantly, it increases the security of iOS by squashing bugs wherever they’re found.