Controversial light-blocking iPhone billboard removed from window


Controversial light-blocking iPhone billboard removed from window
Here's the billboard in question.
Photo: Alex Armitage/Instagram

A controversial iPhone 11 Pro billboard that blocked out natural light for a family living in a London apartment has been removed.

The council house (read: government housing) had the billboard space installed three years ago. However, it only recently received national attention.

“When the windows are closed I can’t breathe, I feel claustrophobic,” Sevineh Nazif, a resident who was placed in the house after reporting homeless, told The Independent newspaper. “We can never get light in here. We never see the sun, it feels like we’re blocked out from everything.”

Alex Armitage, a Green Party parliamentary candidate, took up the issue. “After weeks of campaigning by the Green Party, the London Renters Union, Open Dalston and others, we’ve managed to pressurize the landlords into removing the [billboard],” Armitage said.

Advertising company BlowUp Media owned the billboard in question. It has not yet commented on the situation. Hackney Council, the local authority that oversees that section of London, also has not issued a statement. Operators used a crane to remove the billboard over the weekend.

Source: Independent